Clipsal 500 2017 Concert Lineups

Hate the race but love the music? Known for some impressive billings, the 2017 after race concert series sees a solid Aussie Hip Hop offering with the Hilltop Hoods taking top bill.

Joined by fellow rapper Seth Sentry, hip hop act The Funkoars and, up and coming soul and R&B singer Aaradhna, the Clipsal concert is once again moving away from its rock roots, with the Hilltop Hoods returning to perform at the race for a third time.

“I guess before it was Barnesy and that but just the fact that hip hop in this country – and local hip hop – has become much more mainstream and it’s more normalised now,” MC Suffa said.

“It’s been big for 10 years now and people have grown up with it – there’s men in their 30s who have been coming to shows since they were kids – so it has become a big part of Australian culture now,” MC Pressure added.

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