REVIEW – Philip Glass: The Complete Sony Recordings

Pitchfork media have posted this comprehensive review of this mammoth offering from Sony.

This is quite the companion for those getting prepared for the WOMADelaide 2017 festival. You can find the entire review at Pitchfork here:

In 1976, composer Philip Glass and director Robert Wilson executed an ingenious end-run around the cautious classical music establishment of their day. After a short workshop and tour in Europe, the creative partners decided that Einstein on the Beach—a four-hour plus, non-narrative opera—was ready for its American debut. So they rented the Metropolitan Opera house for two nights. 

The real attraction is the half of the set that sits in the excellent-to-iconic zone of Glass’ catalog. A lot of that material has been widely available for years—though often without important contextual material that can aid deeper immersion. This reverent, smartly produced set fixes that problem. In doing so, The Complete Sony Recordings represents a worthy completion of the company’s original investment in a young composer.

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