WOMAdelaide 2017 Big Star Guide

Here’s our guide to one of the best summer music festivals of all WOMADelaide.

 It’s going to be hot – typically the weekend will experience some form of heat and it’s not uncommon to still experience temperatures in the high 30 degrees Celsius during March. Be sun smart and take action for potentially hot and dry conditions. The location being the parkland has some refuge in terms of tree shade but be prepared for the Sun to take its toll if the mercury is rising.

Ride a bike – First timers will notice the abundance of bikes parked out the front. Friendly for the environment, burns fat, convenient and free it’s the mode of transport to WOMAdelaide. Imagine coasting home on a barmy evening after a day-long of sensational world music.

 Plan or don’t have a plan – the stresses of the dreaded set clashes is less apparent at WOMADelaide, Maybe it’s the slick programming by the organizer’s or the fact that there are four days to stretch out, you won’t need to have much of a plan to enjoy this festival. The main headliners often play one show and at the end of the day so you can work your planning around this.

 Keep the fluids up – always ensure that you have adequate fluid levels and this certainly includes a good dose of water if your hydration plan is based on other forms of beverages.

Keep it relaxed , always take it easy and keep it relaxed and chilled. The setting and overall vibe lends itself to a nice and easy approach.


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